Our Clients

Who are our clients?

The vast majority of our clientele consists of presidents, CFOS, controllers and executive decision maker who are struggling to meet corporate and shareholder expectations.

They are typically frustrated at the pressures of finding every unaccounted dollar and are exploring new opportunity to maximize the bottom line.

Commodity tax recovery is one such opportunity for financial officers and key executive decision makers to leverage the highly specialized expertise and experience of Taxnet Canada consultants to mitigate any over tax payment while maximizing future accrued tax savings.

Our clients consist of

large and small manufacturing companies
Universities and colleges
Large and small municipalities
Large and small mining companies
Hospitals and Government health authorities
First Nations taxation issues
Charities and non profit entities
Import and export companies
Oil companies & Drilling companies
Newspaper and news agencies
Television stations and productions
Large and small forest products companies & mills

Why TAXNET Canada?

Taxnet Canada senior consultants have performed thousands of commodity tax reviews & RECOVERED MILLIONS OF OVER PAID TAX DOLLARS

  • Our success rate is 97 % of all Reviews performed
  • FIVE DECADES of experience and expertise.
  • 100% Risk Free ( NO FUNDS NO FEES ).
  • 80% of all work performed by our consultants is off site.
  • Minimal disruption to staff, management and executives.
  • Comprehensive detailed review outlining all savings.
  • Complete after review training to mitigating future losses.