Our Mission

There is an old adage that nothing is for sure except death and taxes. We at taxnet Canada agree with the former but not necessarily with the latter. There is nothing sure about taxes, especially given the complex and complicated manner in which tax legislation is written and interpreted. Big and small companies are now confiding in highly specialized commodity tax recovery firms like Taxnet Canada to represent them to understand and interpret tax legislation to mitigate any overpayments and to leverage on our strength and knowledge to maximize the bottom line.

We at Taxnet Canada are proud to be one of Canada’s leading commodity tax recovery firms with over five decades of experience and expertise helping companies make sense of the taxation process. We are proud to have provided after review training and administrative support for thousands of companies to minimize taxation and help accrue future tax savings.

The days of the general practitioner are certainly nearing an end, with the global marketplace demanding specialized knowledge and expertise. We at Taxnet Canada would welcome the opportunity to represent your organization in an ethical, professional and respectful manner to address your commodity tax recovery issues.

My name is Joe Gardner and I guarantee it.

Joseph Gardner
Senior tax consultant and president

Why TAXNET Canada?

Taxnet Canada senior consultants have performed thousands of commodity tax reviews & RECOVERED MILLIONS OF OVER PAID TAX DOLLARS

  • Our success rate is 97 % of all Reviews performed
  • FIVE DECADES of experience and expertise.
  • 100% Risk Free ( NO FUNDS NO FEES ).
  • 80% of all work performed by our consultants is off site.
  • Minimal disruption to staff, management and executives.
  • Comprehensive detailed review outlining all savings.
  • Complete after review training to mitigating future losses.