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An initial phone call will determine eligibility and requirements. We at Taxnet Canada are quickly able to determine the specific taxation issues bases on the Industry and marketplace.


We are serious about your security

Taxnet Canada enters into a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement along with a contract to perform the recovery basis on a contingency basis only.

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A formal appointment date is secured and we perform the review on time with minimal disruption. Taxnet Canada provides a detail report of all taxation issues and savings. Taxnet Canada provides any follow up training and administrative support.

Zero Risk Guarantee

  • Taxnet Canada DOES NOT have any upfront fees or charges
  • Taxnet Canada DOES NOT charge for travel time or administrative cost
  • Taxnet Canada DOES NOT receive any payments until our client do.
  • Taxnet Canada DOES NOT get paid if there is no refund
  • Taxnet Canada works strictly on a contingency basis only
  • Taxnet Canada’s fee is a percentage of the actual refund received by our clients.

Our Mission

There is an old adage that nothing is for sure except death and taxes. We at taxnet Canada agree with the former but not necessarily with the latter. There is nothing sure about taxes, especially given the complex and complicated manner in which tax legislation is written and interpreted. Big and small companies are now confiding in highly specialized commodity tax recovery firms like Taxnet Canada to represent them to understand and interpret tax legislation to mitigate any overpayments and to leverage on our strength and knowledge to maximize the bottom line.

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